RFP – Town of Blythewood Traffic Improvement Area Plan Q & A Deadline November 28th @ 12 p.m.




  • 1.  Requirement #1 states that the cover letter will not be counted towards the page limit. Can you confirm that by “cover letter,” you are referring to the Letter of Interest?
  • That is correct.


  • 2.  Will each reference page (for prime and each subconsultant) be counted against the 25-page limit?
  • Yes.


  • 3.  Is there an RFP number for this request?
  • Please use COATS MPO/CMCOG RFP 2017-02.


  • 4.  What is the budget for this traffic improvement area plan?
  • The estimated budget for this project is between $120,000 and $150,000.


  • 5.  On page 8, under Task 3, the second bullet request Future Land Use associated with future 10 and 20 years, which is assumed to be 2018 – Existing, 2028 – (10 Year Future) and 2038 (20 Year Future). However, the third bullet states Trip Generation for 2040 and 2050. Should the future land use scenario match the future trip generation years?
  • Yes, but please consider the 20 Year Future to be 2040 which will match the horizon year of our LRTP.


  • 6.  Does the CMCOG prefer a specific traffic engineering modeling software?
  • Most of our travel demand modeling is done with TransCad. Other modeling software will be considered if it is compatible with the data.


  • 7.  Is there an existing regional model that include forecasted traffic?
  • We have worked closely with SCDOT to development a regional model for the COATS MPO planning area. Access to that model will be available for this project.

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