July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019

Executive Committee Officers


Chairman —Joyce Dickerson, Richland County Council

Vice-Chairman — Steve MacDougall, Town of Lexington

Immediate Past Chairman — Roger Gaddy, Town of Winnsboro

Vina Abrams, Newberry County

David Brown, Fairfield County

John Carrigg, Lexington County

Todd Cullum, Lexington County Council

Sam Davis, Columbia City Council

Joyce Dickerson, Richland County Council

Shawn Epps,  City of Columbia

Zebbie Goudelock, Newberry City Council

Paul Livingston, Richland County Council

Elise Partin, City of Cayce

William Smith, Jr., Fairfield County Council

Bill Waldrop, Newberry County Council

Staff – Benjamin J. Mauldin, Executive Director

Regional Aging & Disability Advisory Committee


Chair — Julie Ann Dixon, Richland County

Vice-Chair — Ellen Cooper, City of Columbia

Staff – Jennifer Brewton,  AAA/ADRC Director

Fairfield County

MaryGail Douglas

Lexington County

Peggy Butler

Dr. Lorraine Fowler

Mary Joyner

Francis “Kay” Mitchell

Joyce Mize

Newberry County

Vina Abrams

Betty Schumpert

Richland County

Betty “Cookie” Brooks

Dr. Jim Bouknight

Larry Cooke

Ellen Cooper

Julie Ann Dixon

Paul Livingston

Dr. Steven Lloyd

Joyce Mason

Nate Rhodes

Environmental Planning Advisory Committee


Chair — Shawn Epps, City of Columbia

Vice-Chair — Smokey Davis, Lexington County

Staff- Gregory Sprouse, Director of Research, Planning and Development

Rural Transportation Planning Advisory Committee


Staff – Reginald Simmons , Deputy Executive Director/Transportation Director

Fairfield County

Jason Taylor, Fairfield County Administrator

James McGraw, II, Fairfield County Transportation Committee

Mary Gail Douglas

Lexington County

Larry Brigham, Lexington County Council

Charles Simpkins, Lexington County

Joe Mergo, Lexington County Administrator

Vacant, Lexington County Transportation Committee

Chris Wooten, Lexington County Legislative Delegation

Newberry County


Vina Abrams, Newberry County

Wayne Adams, Newberry County Administrator

VACANT, Newberry County Transportation Committee

Walton McLeod, Newberry Co. Leg. Delegation

Richland County

Susan Brill, Richland County

Alfred Comfort, Richland County

Richland County Administrator

James Brown, Richland County Transportation Committee

Dr. Jimmy Bales, Richland County Legislative Delegation

Columbia Area Transportation Study Area Subcommittee


Staff –  Reginald Simmons

Lexington County

Todd Cullum, Lexington County Council

Erin Long Bergeson, Lexington County Council

Vice-Chair –Steve MacDougall, Lexington Town Mayor

Richland County

Norman Jackson, Richland County Council

Joyce Dickerson, Richland County Council

Paul Livingston, Richland County Council

Kershaw County


One (1) open seat

City of Columbia

Chair – Sam Davis, Columbia City Council

Vacant, City of Columbia

Tameika Isaac Devine, Columbia City Council

Lexington Small Towns

Elise Partin, Cayce City Mayor

The Comet

John Andoh, The Comet

Paratransit Representative

Peggy Butler, Community Advocate, West Columbia


Staff Contact: Benjamin J. Mauldin, Executive Director


Benjamin J. Mauldin, Executive Director

Alternate: Dr. Roger Gaddy, Immediate Past CMCOG Chair, Town of  Winnsboro


Benjamin J. Mauldin, Executive Director


Julie Ann Dixon, Richland County,

Roger Gaddy, CMCOG Chair, Winnsboro Town Mayor