FY 2023 COATS MPO Transportation Alternatives Program – Call for Projects

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TO:                  All Managers, Administrators, and Interested Parties


FROM:            Reginald E. Simmons, Deputy Executive Director/Transportation Director


DATE:             February 16, 2023


RE:                  FY 2023 COATS MPO Transportation Alternatives Program – Call for Projects



Central Midlands Council of Governments (CMCOG) is pleased to announce a call for project submissions for the FY 2023 Transportation Alternatives Program.  This guide summarizes the program and outlines the project submission process.  CMCOG strongly encourages applicants to be familiar with all materials in the information guide and to contact the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Local Program Administration Office or the CMCOG staff for assistance in completing the application.  Please be advised that all applicants must be official governmental bodies (city, county, school district, etc…) with legislative authority to carry out and maintain their proposed project.


Up to 80 percent of eligible project costs can be reimbursed by FHWA through the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program administered by SCDOT.  At least 20 percent of the project’s allowable costs must be paid by the public authority, as the local funding match.  By submitting a project for this program, the applicant agrees to enter into an agreement with SCDOT and be financially responsible for the non-federal participating funding and for implementation of the project.


The Transportation Alternatives Program is a competitive process.  All projects must demonstrate a relationship to the surface transportation system to be eligible.  After a project has been determined eligible, it will undergo an evaluation review by the Transportation Alternatives Advisory Committee (TAAC).  The TAAC’s evaluations and recommendations are then provided through the MPO Planning Process for review.  The MPO Policy Committee (CMCOG Board of Directors) will make the final review and approval of the FY 2023 TAP Projects.


Project review and selection is anticipated during the spring of 2023.  SCDOT would also like to work with any potential applicants to ensure that their project application(s) include(s) the correct budget items as well as oversight and administration to adequately accomplish the work in their overall project costs.  Project budgets should include line items for engineering, inspection, mobilization, drainage, and testing.  These items must be in compliance with the current state and federal requirements. Please keep these initiatives in mind when preparing your project submission(s).

Also, please be advised that in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, 23CFR 1.11 and 635.105, SCDOT may delegate administration and management of certain Federal-aid projects (transportation alternatives projects) to a Local Public Agency (LPA). The LPA administered program allows local units of government to design, let, and inspect their federally funded projects. LPAs must administer and manage these projects in accordance with federal and state guidelines.  If you desire to apply for LPA status, please complete the required forms and submit those forms with your application.  Please note that separate LPA forms must be submitted for each project submission.  Please visit the following website to obtain additional information and forms about becoming an LPA: https://www.scdot.org/business/lpa.aspx.


CMCOG is hereby issuing this call for projects to applicants that have the capability and interest in participating in the FY 2023 COATS Transportation Alternatives Program.  Each applicant must submit a package containing an original, four (4) copies and one (1) electronic copy of their application to CMCOG no later than 2:00 p.m. on MARCH 22, 2023 to Reginald Simmons, Deputy Executive Director /Transportation Director, CMCOG, 236 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC  29210.  CMCOG will only accept applications using the enclosed application form.  Applications may be submitted in person, by messenger, or by regular mail.  All applications will be logged in and date and time stamped.  Any application package that is received after the date and time specified will be logged and date and time stamped as “late” and returned unopened to the applicant.  Please be advised that additional information guides and applications can be provided by request or downloaded from our website at www.centralmidlands.org.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 803-744-5133 or send an email to rsimmons@centralmidlands.org.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and interest in this matter.


FY 2023 COATS MPO TAP Program – Complete Packet.pdf (download)