RFP: Saluda Greenway Feasibility Study Questions and Answers

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1.    Does the 12pt font requirement extend to the SF 330 form?


No, the SF 330 form is not required to have a 12-point font. 


2. Is the letter of interest acting as the cover letter for this proposal or would you prefer both to be included?


The letter of interest should serve as the cover letter for the proposal.


3.  Are sub-consultants required to fill out each of the 5 required forms?




4.  Is the map located on page 12 of the RFP (labeled “Lower Saluda Greenway, Regional Connectivity”) accurate as depicting “Funded Greenway” in green?


The area of focus for this project extends along the Lower Saluda River from the Lake Murray dam to I-26.  This includes the yellow (unfunded greenway) lines as well as the dark green (existing greenway) line at Saluda Shoals Park.  It does not include the light green (funded greenway) lines that extend from I-26 to the Zoo and downtown Columbia. 


5.  The RFP notes that a “Preliminary Concept Design” is required and then notes a “Final Plan” is required thereafter.  We are assuming that the “Final Plan” is a Final Conceptual Plan based upon the outputs from the “Preliminary Concept Design”.  If this can be verified it would be great. We just wanted to make sure that the “Final Plan” was not intended to be a collection of construction drawings, but a final conceptual design for building costs and grants from and final construction drawings would be a part of the next phase of this process.


The Final Plan is intended to be a final report for the project to include output from all of the required tasks outlined in the scope of work.  It is not intended to be a collection of constructions drawings or final design plans for the project.   Please note as outlined in section 4.3 of the RFP, the preliminary concept design should include detailed cost estimates for implementing the project. 


 6.  Can a DBE firm be a sub consultant on several teams?




7.  If a DBE firm is the lead firm, would the DBE participation be 50% or in this case the lead firm (DBE) would not be considered a DBE and has to include firms who are DBE on the team?


If the DBE firm is register under the UCP Program as administered by SCDOT, their percentage of the project will count towards the DBE goal whether they are either the prime or the sub.  All are encouraged to make sure that the DBE firm(s) is registered with SCDOT in order to count their participation towards the DBE goal.


8.  Can a DBE firm be a lead consultant in one proposal and a sub consultant on other team’s proposals?


The DBE should decide whether they want to serve as a prime or a sub consultant.  As noted, the DBE may serve as a sub-consultant on multiple teams.  If the DBE decides to serve as the prime consultant, then the DBE should not serve as a sub-consultant on a competing team.


9.  On page 9 V. Schedule, I assume the date should read March 31, 2020?




10.  I am guessing that the NTP date would be around Labor Day?


Once a consultant has been selected, the NTP date will be determined once a contractual agreement has been reached.


11.  What is the status of the purchase of approximately 4 acres of right-of-way easements? What     work has been done for this effort thus far?


Preliminary ROW needs have been assessed by ICRC.  The selected consultant will be asked to further assess these ROW needs per section 3.5 of the scope of work outlined in the RFP. 


12.  What survey information exists for the study area?


Limited, if any, survey information is available for the study area.


13.  How many meetings do you anticipate with the PAC?


The total number of PAC meetings will be negotiated with the selected consultant. 


Saluda Greenway Feasibility Study Q & A