The West Metro area, comprised of the communities of Cayce, West Columbia, and Springdale, has established itself as a vibrant and dynamic location within the Central Midlands region of South Carolina. The proximity of these municipalities to one another and Columbia, provides opportunities for reaching destinations on foot and by bike. Combine this with a diverse mix of outdoor and recreational amenities, including the Three Rivers Greenway, and the West Metro area is quickly becoming an active living destination. Building on that growing reputation and positioning for the future, the Central Midlands Council of Governments (CMCOG), in cooperation with the City of Cayce, City of West Columbia, and Town of Springdale, has completed the West Metro Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan.

The West Metro Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan identifies a clear strategy for near- and long-term active transportation projects within the municipalities of Cayce, West Columbia, and Springdale. These projects will advance a safer, more connected network of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The recommended network connects key destinations to encourage active transportation throughout the three communities and surrounding jurisdictions.

The development of the Plan focused on safety, connectivity, and accessibility for residents throughout the West Metro region. Recommendations build upon the previous and ongoing work from all three communities. Additionally, public input was essential to the planning process and crucial to developing a regional network that will attract more users and connect those users to desirable destinations.

The West Metro study area consists of three adjacent municipalities: Cayce, West Columbia, and Springdale. The entirety of the study area is within the Metropolitan Planning Organization boundary of the Columbia Area Transportation Study, which is housed within CMCOG. Most of the study area is within Lexington County, except for a portion of the City of Cayce that is in Richland County on the east side of the Congaree River. The analysis of the West Metro study area included all major roadways, transit routes/stops, existing bike facilities, existing greenways, and previously proposed greenways.

Draft Final West Metro Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan

Draft Final West Metro Bike Share Feasibility Study

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