The Central Midlands Council of Government (CMCOG) Regional Freight Mobility Plan was developed based on guidance provided by the federal transportation bill, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. This places the CMCOG in a competitive position to pursue funding and grants provided by the FAST Act and other freight-related federal and state funding opportunities. In addition to the Fast Act, the Regional Freight Study was developed to align with the following regional-and state-level planning documents:

• 2040 Columbia Area Transportation Study (COATS) Long Range Transportation Plan
• Columbia Regional Motor Freight Transportation Plan, December 2008
• South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) 2040 Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan
• SCDOT 2040 Statewide Freight Plan

The CMCOG Regional Freight Study provides an assessment of the current freight infrastructure within the CMCOG and Columbia Area Transportation Study (COATS) MPO study area, and identifies specific projects and policies designed to support current and future freight movement. This investigation of the CMCOG freight system needs and issues, combined with identifying projects targeted to improve the system allows the CMCOG to pursue funding opportunities at the federal, state, and local levels. Funding for transportation projects has been increased through the FAST Act at the federal level with efforts also underway to incorporate freight priorities into the South Carolina statewide project prioritization process under ACT 114. The FAST Act authorizes $3.5 billion for the formula program nationally and South Carolina’s apportionment totals $107.2 million ($21.4 million annual average) through FY2020 for improvements on the Primary Highway Freight System (PHFS).


DRAFT FINAL CMCOG Regional Freight Mobility Plan

DRAFT APPENDIX A – Existing Conditions

DRAFT APPENDIX B – Economic Brochure

DRAFT APPENDIX C – Land Use Analysis

DRAFT APPENDIX D – Best Practices

DRAFT APPENDIX E – Performance Measures

DRAFT APPENDIX F – Priority Projects 

DRAFT APPENDIX G – Public Information & Outreach


CMCOG Regional Freight Mobility Plan Webinar – October 6, 2017




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