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Opportunity for Public Review and Comment


Columbia Area Transportation Study (COATS)


Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)


30–Day Public Notice


Comments received until July 9, 2024


Every four years, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) conducts a review of the Columbia region’s transportation planning process.  The review focuses on compliance with federal regulations and is an opportunity to identify challenges, successes and experiences of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the South Carolina Department of Transportation, transit service providers, and other key planning and implementation agencies. As the MPO for a 4-county region, COATS is the agency ultimately responsible for ensuring a successful outcome to the certification review process. As part of the process, the public is also invited to share their comments.


Below is a list of required documents that the MPO must provide.  These documents provide in detail the transportation planning processes and activities of the MPO.  As part of the certification review process, we invite your review and input on each document.



The COATS MPO gives notice of the certification review process and the public review period.  Those interested can view or receive a copy of these documents at 236 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 or on our website at  Written comments can be submitted to the MPO at the address shown above or emailed to  Written comments will be accepted until July 9, 2024.


Please submit your written comments to the attention of Reginald Simmons, Deputy Executive Director/Transportation Director at the email or mailing address above or contact him at 803-744-5133 if you have any questions.


Individuals interested in the conduct of a public hearing to discuss the contents of these documents, must submit a written request to the attention of Reginald Simmons at the CMCOG.  Written requests for a public hearing must be received by CMCOG on or before the comment closing date at the address shown above.


All written comments received shall, as applicable, be made a part of the CMCOG and/or CMRTA records of public in-put.  Please be advised that if no comments are received and/or no additional changes have been made, then as printed, these documents will be published as the final documents.