Central Midlands Region Walk/Bike Listserv

Walk/Bike Listserv Forum

The Walk/Bike Listserv is a forum through which to communicate bicycle and pedestrian information and initiatives in the Central Midlands region of South Carolina (Richland, Lexington, Fairfield, and Newberry Counties). It is intended to make communities aware of projects that may be going on in their neighborhoods and in the region as a whole, and how citizens can help create active community environments where they live. Below are some of the uses that will be served through the listserv.

  • Notification of public hearings on bike / pedestrian related issues;
  • Local bike / pedestrian related ordinances and resolutions existing or passed by local jurisdictions;
  • Local road / trail projects going on in communities and their status
  • Awareness of bike / pedestrian events

As a two-way forum, the list can also be used for on-line discussion of topics of interest to cyclists and pedestrians in the central midlands region.

Listserv Commands

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In the body of the e-mail type: SUBSCRIBE WALKBIKE yourfirstname yourlastname

* NOTE: Do not include any other text in the message, including any electronic signature. Once you have subscribed to the listserv, you will be e-mailed a welcome message with basic listserv commands, guidelines for posting messages and listserv etiquette. Please save the e-mail for future reference.


E-mail your message to: WALKBIKE@LISTSERV.SC.EDU

This will send a message to the listserv moderator, who will distribute it to all the listserv members as appropriate.

UNSUBSCRIBE from the list


In the body of the e-mail type: SIGNOFF WALKBIKE