Fort Jackson/McEntire – Joint Land Use Study

For more information, contact Gregory Sprouse, Director of Research, Planning and Development at (803-744-5158) or

Project Description

The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative planning effort between the military and the communities of the region to examine both the way that Fort Jackson/McCrady and McEntire operate and the way that nearby communities are growing. The study’s purpose is to ensure military missions continue without degrading the safety, and quality of life in surrounding communities, while also accommodating local economic development. The JLUS is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen communication between the Army and National Guard, and their neighbors.

Documents and Maps

For a copy of the JLUS Final report please follow the links below:

JLUS Final Report (54mb)  (completed in 2009)

JLUS Final Report Appendix (1.5mb)

JLUS Final Report Implementation Matrix (175kb)

JLUS Final Report 11×17 Map Book (13.9mb)

JLUS Final Implementation Plan   (completed in 2013)