CMCOG Transit Asset Management Plan

Written by admin on 29th November 2021 News, Press Releases

Every agency must develop a transit asset management (TAM) plan if it owns, operates, or manages capital assets used to provide public transportation and receives federal financial assistance under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53 as a recipient or subrecipient. Each transit provider must designate an Accountable Executive (49 CFR 625.5) to ensure appropriate resources for implementing the agency’s TAM plan and the Transit Agency Safety Plan.

The TAM plan should:

  • Outline how people, processes, and tools come together to address asset management policy and goals
  • Provide accountability and visibility for furthering understanding of leveraging asset management practices
  • Support planning, budgeting, and communications to internal and external stakeholders


CMCOG is a Tier II agency which means that we are a direct or designated recipient of Section 5310 and/or 5307 Funds.  As a Tier II agency, our TAM Plan will include the following elements:

  1. An inventory of asset
  2. A condition assessment of inventoried assets
  3. Description of a decision support tool
  4. A prioritized list of investments


CMCOG Transit Asset Management Plan