West Wateree Transportation Study – Kershaw County

The West Wateree area of Kershaw County is experiencing the pressures of growth that are facing the entire Central Midlands region. Both transportation and land use are impacted by this growth, with new challenges to overcome but also opportunities to embrace. The Central Midlands Council of Governments (CMCOG), in cooperation with Kershaw County, has completed the West Wateree Transportation Study, a multimodal transportation plan that analyzes existing conditions and makes recommendations based upon best practices, existing plans, and citizen input for the vision and goals of the area. Recommendations address both transportation and land use concerns for the study area. The Study also emphasizes connectivity between transportation facilities and land use. This process was driven by public participation to accomplish a plan that is comprehensive and collaborative. 

The West Wateree Transportation Study followed a systematic planning process: 

  1. Executed a continuous public participation process throughout the entire study process to develop guiding principles to direct the study and instill ownership in final recommendations;
  2. Inventoried existing conditions to gain an understanding of the study area and establish a baseline for analysis;
  3. Performed technical analyses to determine study area needs;
  4. Developed a broad series of alternative strategies, vetted them based on stakeholder input, and refined them into recommendations; and
  5. Crafted an implementation plan to provide a roadmap for moving recommendations to reality, including an Action Plan with project phasing, cost estimates, and responsible parties.

West Wateree Transportation Study Draft Final Report

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