RFP: Human Resources Advisory Services Questions and Answers

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1.  The Human Resources Advisory RFP refers to Central Midlands COG, Pee Dee COG and Santee Lynches COG. Should the Proposal address the 3 entities as one or are they separate entities independent of the other?


The proposal should address them as three separate entities. Each COG operates independent of each other.


2.  How many employees (FT & PT) on average does CMCOG employ annually?  PDCOG?  SLCOG?


CMCOG employs approximately 31 employees annually.

SLCOG employs approximately 23 employees annually.

PDCOG employs approximately 15 employees annually.


3.  How many job titles are there at CMCOG? PDCOG? SLCOG?


The job titles equate to the number of employees at a minimum. Each COG will be able to discuss with the selected consultant the potential new positions or upcoming changes. 


4.  Does CMCOG, PDCOG, and SLCOG each want to do a classification and compensation study?


CMCOG does have an interest in conducting a classification and compensation study.

SLCOG does not at this time.

PDCOG does not at this time. 


5.  Since the cost is noted as 50%. Shall we offer an hourly rate in the proposal and establish the scope and total later?


As part of the proposal, you may consider an hourly rate per employee for each COG. Once a consultant is selected, the final scope of work will determine the final cost for each COG.


6.  Does CMCOG, PDCOG and SLCOG share similar personnel policies and procedures or do they operate independently of each other?


Each COG operates independently of each other.


7.  Will each COG have an internal “HR Coordinator” with whom the Consultant will be able to coordinate for recommendations, consultations, questions, resolution of employment related issues, etc.? Or, will the department Supervisors serve as the point of contact for the Consultant?


Each COG intends to identify one person as the primary point of contact who will coordinate with the consultant.


8.  Would the COG require, expect or prefer to receive periodic and formal HR Training and Q & A sessions to be provided by the Consultant to COG Supervisors?


Yes. Though these efforts will be coordinated amongst all three COGs to maximize the training opportunities and benefits.


Human Resources Advisory Services – Questions and Answers