RFP – Calhoun County Transportation and Land Use Plan Q & A Deadline March 8th @ 12 p.m.


Calhoun County Transportation and Land Use Sub Area Plan

Questions and Answers

1.  Will the study area boundary be the current MPO boundary, or will the Consultant be expected to consider a likely future MPO boundary in preparing land use data?

The consultant will be expected to use the current MPO boundary to conduct its assessment.

2.  How many TAZs are currently in the SCDOT travel model in Calhoun County, and what is the maximum number of TAZs that the study may be expected to produce if a decision is made to divide some TAZs?

The current number of TAZs in Calhoun County is thirteen (13). CMCOG will negotiate a reasonable number of TAZs with the selected consultant if any subdivision is required.

3.  Can a map of the current TAZs in Calhoun County be provided in time for this information to be used in preparing the response to the RFP?

A map of the current TAZs will be posted to our website.

4.  Can some or all of the required monthly briefings with CMCOG staff be conducted via conference call or GoToMeeting format?

Yes, with CMCOG staff. Please note that Steering Committee meetings are expected to be conducted in person.

5.  Do utility providers have existing maps of their systems (e.g. natural gas mains, high voltage power lines, water mains, sewer mains) that they are willing to provide to the Consultant?  In my experience, some will not provide this data in GIS map format to outside agencies or consultants.

We will make every effort to access as much data as possible to conduct our analysis. We will discuss with the selected consultant the sufficient data sources that are available. If the data is not available, we will consider other options.

6.  Can an estimate be provided of the turnaround time needed for SCDOT to deliver completed travel model runs, after the Consultant provides TAZ and network data?

We have a professional working relationship with SCDOT and they will be happy to provide us with the necessary assistance regarding any model runs. We may also request a copy of the COATS MPO model to be used by the selected consultant if that would be helpful.

7.  Will a stand-alone project website be required, or will CMCOG host a page on their website and provide staff support to upload documents provided by the Consultant?

We will negotiate with the selected consultant and include input from Calhoun County on the preferred media to make information available to the public and our stakeholders.

8.  Will CMCOG provide a list of existing Calhoun County stakeholders and contact information as a starting point for mail/email lists for project meeting notices?

We will work closely with the selected consultant and Calhoun County to develop a stakeholders list as part of our Project Steering Committee.


Calhoun County TAZ Map

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