PUBLIC NOTICE: Sandy Run Area Plan Draft Final Report

Written by admin on 19th April 2019 News, Press Releases

The Sandy Run Area Plan establishes the relationship between transportation and land use in the COATS MPO portion of Calhoun County. The plan reviews the area’s population and employment characteristics and changes over the past three decades, and forecasts population and employment growth. Existing land uses and transportation facilities in the area are inventoried and evaluated, and three different land use scenarios were developed to illustrate how the area may develop in the future. Two initial land use scenarios helped illustrate the different impacts of continued current growth trends compared with a very compact land use pattern. Based on public reaction and input to these two land use scenarios, a preferred future land use scenario and strategy was developed based on the expressed desires of community residents and leaders to preserve the rural character of Sandy Run, with key strategies based on public input gathered throughout the planning process.

The plan also identifies key opportunities and strengths to build upon in the future, which are consistent with preserving the rural character of the community while accommodating expected population and employment growth.

Existing infrastructure conditions have been reviewed and documented, in order to identify areas that are best suited for residential and employment growth. The plan results in a set of recommendations for guiding growth and providing adequate road improvements and other public infrastructure to ensure continued improvement in the quality of life in the Sandy Run Area.




The Sandy Run Area Plan Draft Final Report can be download from the following link:  Sandy Run Area Plan Draft Final Report