Project Lifesaver is Expanding to the Central Midlands Region


The program has been offered by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department since 2007, and will now be available through the sheriff’s departments in Lexington, Newberry, and Fairfield Counties.

The motto of Project Lifesaver is “Bringing Loved Ones Home”.  Its mission is to provide timely response to save lives and to reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander away from their homes and families due to medical conditions or other disorders.

The grant award was provided by the Harbison Foundation and awarded to the Central Midlands Area Agency on Aging- Family Caregiver Support Program, who partnered with local county sheriff’s departments to support equipment and training needs for the Project Lifesaver Program.  

If you care for someone who is at a safety risk because of wandering, and you live in the Central Midlands area, please contact your local sheriff’s department and ask about Project Lifesaver.

By expanding this program, our community can save time, money, and resources and help provide peace of mind for care-givers.  


This information provided by: Becky Baird, Family Caregiver Advocate

Central Midlands Area Agency on Aging. 236 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, S.C.

803-376-5390 X 329 or [email protected]

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