Central Midlands Regional Freight Mobility Survey

We need your help.

The Federal Highway Administration has recognized the importance of freight mobility and planning to the country’s economic development and quality of life. Priority funding is becoming available to support those projects which can be tied to improving freight mobility within a community.

One of the Central Midlands Region’s greatest strengths is our location and access to the rest of the state. Freight movements may begin or end in other parts of South Carolina, but when it comes to transporting these goods they often travel through the Central Midlands region. To better understand the economic benefit of the region’s freight mobility network, coordinate freight transportation needs and freight related land development, and to establish priority projects for freight mobility, the Central Midlands Council of Governments is developing a Regional Freight Mobility Plan.

This study needs your help. If you ever receive deliveries at your house, enjoy food and other items delivered to businesses in the region, live adjacent to or use the region’s roadways, rail lines or airport, or work for a business which depends on one or more of these networks your valuable input is needed.

With only 8 questions, this survey should take about 5 minutes to complete, but your answers could make a huge difference in the future of freight and transportation for the region.

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Regional Freight Mobility Survey

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