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New– Request for Proposal: Audit of General Purpose Financial Statements (Re-advertisement)

Written by admin on 29th June 2020 News, Press Releases

AUDIT OF GENERAL PURPOSE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS  REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (Re-advertisement) CENTRAL MIDLANDS COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS (CMCOG)   Central Midlands Council of Governments (CMCOG) is requesting proposals from qualified Certified Public Accounting Firms to audit its general purpose financial statements for fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 and to audit the basic financial statements of the Central Midlands Development Corporation (CMDC) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 with the option to renew up to five succeeding years....

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Written by admin on 24th April 2020 News, Press Releases

AVOID CORONAVIRUS SCAMS Fraudsters are taking advantage of fears surrounding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and targeting the elderly and vulnerable. This guide can help you protect yourself.COVID-19 – Fraud Notice  ...

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Written by admin on 5th March 2020 News, Press Releases

Information on COVID-19 from DHEC and the CDC can be found at the following links:   – SC Infectious Disease Plan (Appendix 14)   – Pandemic Influenza Plan (Appendix 14 – Annex 2)   – DHEC: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)   – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention    Education and Outreach Materials: 2019-COVID-Factsheet COVID-19 Information Preparing for the Spread of COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Germs Clinic Appointments Telehealth Screenings Information and 14-day Monitoring Sheet Isolation and Quarantine  ...

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Central Midlands Region / Population Projections Report / 2020-2050

Written by admin on 25th April 2018 News, Press Releases

Population projections are an important tool for governmental officials, policymakers and planners world-wide to guage anticipated future population growth againt the demand for water, food, energy and other services, as well as ascertain how the demographic compostion of the area in question might look like in the future. Please use the following link to download a copy of the 2020-2050 Central Midlands Regional Population Projections Final report: CMCOG 2020-2050 Population Projections Report...

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Final Central Midlands Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Document / 2017-2022

Written by admin on 9th December 2017 News, Press Releases

The Central Midlands 2017-2022 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) has been completed.  The CEDS document is the culmination of a strategic planning process to develop a five year vision and policy framework for strengthening our regional economy. The information contained in the document may be used for future planning, funding applications, and project development.  This regional planning process is required by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) in order to qualify for assistance under EDA program and funding opportunities....

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